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**Due to popular demand and each set being individually crafted, please email us at if you're interested in purchasing a set. Online availability is set for June. Weaponize your bike with Mayhem Mirrors by Crossroads Performance. These Made in the USA mirrors hide a stainless steel straight blade in each stem. With sturdy billet aluminum construction and tough anodized black finish, these mirror stems get the job done with style. You can use the included mirrors or customize the look with any mirror that has an M6 threaded mounting stud.
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Slim, elegant design houses two hardened stainless straight blades.

3" hardened 416 stainless steel blades.

Blades securely held in place.

CNC machined billet aluminum construction.

Black anodized finish.

Easy installation with 5/16" fasteners on Harley-Davidson models.

3" chrome mirror heads included.

Made in the USA.

Fits most Harley-Davidsons with the 5/16" threaded style handlebar mirrors.

 Download installation notes

Mirrors stems have TWO head mounting positions, each with a positive lock provision.

1) If you mount the mirror head in the outside hole position: Mirror head stud should protrude just enough to create a positive lock into the back of knife handle but allows the knife to be removed. This is achieved by shimming the mirror head with washers (provided). The stainless set screw is stored in the second (inside hole) Note: Make sure set screw is below flush and does not inhibit the removal of the knife.         

2) If you mount the mirror head to the inside position: Mirror head stud should below flush. This is achieved by washers (provided). The stainless set screw is installed in the outside hole with just enough protrusion to create a positive lock into the back of knife handle. (Loctite into place)