Latitude Tail Light & License Plate Holder Installation & Review
In this completely tutorial video, Law Abiding Biker shows you how to install a our Ciro3D Latitude Tail Light & License Plate Holder on your Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle. The Ciro3D Latitude Tail Light & License Plate holder is an awesome product for Harley Street Glide, Road Glide, and Road King Specials. It replaces your entire rear Harley signal, brake, and turn setup. The kit comes in chrome or black.
How to Install Ciro3D Bat Blades® LED White & Amber Turn Signal Lights on Harley
Law Abiding Biker shows you how to install our Ciro3D Bat Blades® LED white and amber turn signal lights on a Harley Davidson touring with a batwing fairing. These Bat Blades® are white and turn on with the ignition like your headlight. When you signal, the upper portion near the ear of the batwing flashes amber. Make your fairing pop with the new Ciro Bat Blades®! These innovative strips feature ultra bright white LEDs to work as daytime running lights and also amber turn signals on each side to be sure you are seen.
Ciro Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts Installation
The Ciro Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts are a revolutionary solution to the challenge of adding comfortable highway pegs on a bike with fairing lowers. We started at the motorcycle frame and then worked our way out. The result is the strongest, cleanest looking, and most practical highway peg mount ever. Fits 2009 and up Harley-Davidson Touring models with driver floorboards. Installs in 5 minutes per side with all hardware included in the kit. Available in chrome or black.
Ciro3d Filler Panel LED Lights Installation
We show you how to install Ciro 3D Filler Panel Lights on a Harley-Davidson touring model. These are running/brake/signal LED lights! The new Ciro Filler Panel Lights complete the rear end of your Street Glide® by adding red running/brake lights and amber turn signals to the stock filler panel area. This part dramatically increases visibility from the rear by incorporating an ultra-bright plasma amber turn signal along with red low-intensity running and high-intensity brake lights. Ciro 3D filler panel lights are available for Harley Street Glides, Road Glides, Ultras, and Road Kings!